Contemporary Art Fair was organized by Udhbhav Arts Private Limited and presented by Habiart Foundation at the national level across the country. The fair has been successfully held for four successive years in New Delhi.

Art Fairs
  • 16-18 Feb, 2007 Parish Hall, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata
  • 31st March – 5th April, 2007 Travancore Art Gallery, K.G. Marg, New Delhi
  • 11-13 Feb, 2008 Ice Skating Hall, Kolkata
  • 1-5 April, 2008 Travancore Art Gallery, New Delhi
Participants: -
Chitrakoot Art Gallery (Kolkata),
Garhi Artist Group (Delhi),
Genesis Art Gallery (Kolkata),
Habiart Foundation (Delhi),
Mirror Artist Group (Delhi),
Naresh Kapuria (Delhi),
Orchid Art Gallery (Mangalore),
Tribal Truck Art from Pakistan,
Vadehra Art Gallery Book Store (Delhi),
Vibgyor Art Gallery (Kolkata),
Limited Edition,
Institurional artists from Baroda,
Santiniketan, Bhopal

Contemporary Art Fair India by Habiart Foundation, showcasing myriad collections with participating art galleries, have now become part of New Delhi's annual Art Scene. These multi-city Art Fairs by Habiart Foundation encourage both international and regional involvement.

The success of the previous Art Fairs held in 2007-2009 in Delhi at Travencore Palace and in Kolkata at Ice Skating Rink proved that art lovers enjoyed the visual treat of paintings, terracotta & bronze sculptures and exquisite glass art displayed under one roof along with surprise art events organized every evening like Taare Zameen Par, in which children from various walks of life are invited one evening to explore their talents in an on the spot painting competition while they get much needed exposure to talented artists and their works, while a Canadian First Nation's person does a magical dance on the other. The unique feature of the Delhi Art Fairs this year will also include Live presentations and Art-events organized daily on the premises.

The Contemporary Art Fair in Delhi hosts unique Cultural Exchange through WORLD TEA PARTIES with the belief that Eastern cultures have always valued the Art of tea drinking as an enabler of Peace, and Sharing, Tranquility and Understanding. Entire cultures, with appropriate manners, customs, dresses and even art and architectural concepts have grown around these tea drinking rituals. Several dignitaries have attended and appreciated the WORLD TEA PARTIES.

Apart from exhibiting a wide and varied range of modern Indian painters & sculptors who have made a name for themselves, the Art Fair showcases new upcoming talent with great potential. Thus Connoisseurs of Art get the opportunity to make good Art-investments.

Twenty first century is being referred as Art Fairs century. More and more art collectors enjoy visiting Art Fairs as it provide an opportunity to access new upcoming talent with great potentials and also great deals to make good art investments.

We cordially invite Art institutions, Art Foundations, Art Galleries, and Artist Groups to participate in our future Contemporary Art Fairs and have the ultimate art experience.
The Contemporary Art Fair India provides galleries the following opportunities:
:: Showcase art to wider audience - we will be doing publicity through print media, electronic media, leaflets, brochures, invitation cards, etc.
:: Showcase contemporary artworks and launch new pieces by emerging artists
:: Networking with other galleries and artists
:: Interaction with more buyers: High net worth and serious collectors from all over the region visit Contemporary Art Fair India specifically to explore, view and collect artworks.

World Tea Party

Eastern cultures have always valued the art of tea drinking as an enabler of Peace, and Sharing, of Tranquility and Understanding. Entire cultures, with appropriate manners, customs, dresses and even art and architectural concepts have grown around this tea drinking rituals. Habiart Foundation hosted the first World – Tea – Party of India in Delhi in 2008 with Bryan Mubille.

Bryan Mulvihill has been organizing the World – Tea – Party as an event to encourage international understanding through a common link of most cultures, tea–drinking. The event not only showcases a variety of teas in an atmosphere of fun filled learning about tea-tradition around the world, but also demonstrates how something as common as meeting over a cup of tea can reveal an interconnection between a visual arts, decorative arts, architectural and social rituals, and contemporary cultural productions. This acts as a bridge of understanding and generates an atmosphere of Natural Peace between world cultures.

Bryan Mulvihill’s first world tea party was organized in 1993 at National Gallery in Canada, followed by ones in Mindscape Museum in Japan in 1997, in Los Angeles in 1999 and the Royal Academy in London in 2006 at the London Bienniale, at the Eiffel Tower in Paris on 1st May, 2008 to celebrate the Opening of London Bienniale. World Tea Party was declared an exemplary project of UNESCO World Decade of Cultural Development.