Art activity has picked up in India and the contemporary art scene is buzzing with exhibitions and auctions, both at the national and international level. But in all of this, artists themselves are left with little time to have creative exchanges among different disciplines. It is in this context that the Habiart Foundation has decided to set up an International Arts Centre (HIAC) near Faridabad in Haryana. Spread over 3 acres (13500 sq. yard) of area, the HIAC will be a part of a much larger arts complex, which will be complete with facilities such as auditorium and restaurants. Within the Centre there would be an exhibition hall, accommodation for artists and writers who would come in for residencies, a separate space for art workshops and studies, a dining hall and a visitor's room. The activities will primarily center on visual arts, but the thrust will also be to increase exchanges between artists who seek creative expression through different mediums such as literature, theatre, music, dance and cinema. Another unique feature would be interactions between arts and crafts through persons that will seek to dilute the compartmentalisation that has crept in over time. The entire attempt is to address the need for artists to indulge in intellectual and creative brainstorming, the room for which has shrunk with the rise of indiscriminate commerce in arts. Such a holistic interface will, we believe, serve as a stimulus for fresh creativity which, in turn, will broaden the horizon for all the arts.


Russian & Indian Artists
3-11 December 2010 at the Exhibition Hall, Russian Center of Science & Culture
Daily 10 to 6:30 PM (Except Sunday)

Artists: Zhanna Iakovleva, Tatiana Antoshina, Seema Kohli, Suhas Roy, Sanatan Dinda


Earlier in 2005, eminent Pakistani artist Iqbal Hussain was invited by Habiart Foundation in India. The cultural bonds between the two countries was further strengthened in 2006 when remowned artists Ghulam Rasul and his daughter Maryam Rasul showcased their paintings at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi in April 2006.